Culture, Diversity, and Literature

Culture, Diversity, and Literature

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The development of Intercultural Communicative Competence (ICC) in EFL education is still a research topic in early exploration, since new challenges to include intercultural approaches and contents in language learning still need to be overcome. This book is the result of a research project that articulates different interdisciplinary perspectives of ICC as viewed from the fields of multicultural education, EFL instruction, and literature. Through a theoretical standpoint of ICC from different authors and the development of a case study research conducted in an EFL classroom in Bogotá, Colombia, the study claims that one promising way to help EFL learners become intercultural beings is through the incorporation of multicultural short stories, supported by the principles of constructivist pedagogy and equity pedagogy.

Findings reveal that EFL learners were able to acquire knowledge about other cultures of the world. Equally, they produced critical thinking about the target culture and the native culture as they developed the skill of discovery and the skill of interpreting when dealing with cultural similarities, differences, and diversity. That is to say, the multicultural literary texts facilitated critical ICC as learners discussed controversial aspects of deep culture, naming xenophobia, racism, misogyny, social class inequalities, gender-based violence, power, colonization, cultural loss, and cultural assimilation, among other topics. Findings also show that the integration of language, literature, and culture constitute a pedagogical contribution to foster critical ICC through the negotiation and the production of meaning in EFL education.

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Luis Fernando Gómez Rodríguez





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